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    The great variety of saunas at ALMSPA

    The gift of warmth

    As soon as someone lights a fire, an indescribable energy unfolds its magic. It is the same with warmth. Something touches us deeply and gives us a priceless feeling of safety and security. So simple, so good. Sometimes you don't need the big exit. A micro-break is enough, an hour or two or three in the sauna world works wonders. For your relaxation you will find a large selection of saunas, brine, steam, infrared and vitamin offers in the ALMSPA. Irmi makes the infusion essences with alpine herbs herself.

    ALMSPA Sauna - ABC


    The ALMSAUNA is the character head of our wellness hotel in Salzburg's Lungau region. You'll find it outside, near the infinity pool. "But isn't that an alpine hut?", you will surely say. Yes, but with a sauna! Here we'll make you sweat with 85 to 90 °C and infusions. Your nose will be delighted by the scent of alpine meadow hay, naturally from our own meadows.

    ALMSPA Sauna ABC


    Fabian was already fascinated by mining as a child and romped through the tunnels. Now his Stollensauna takes you into the world of Lungau mining. We have converted a real old lorry into a sauna heater. At 80 to 85 °C, the gallery sauna is already hot. It gets even hotter during the infusions.

    ALMSPA Sauna ABC

    Herbal sauna

    Back to nature! The herbal sauna sends your imagination to fragrant mountain flower meadows where you might have been walking just a moment ago. Or is it winter now and you long for lush greenery and fresh colours during your skiing holiday in Lungau? Irmi picks the dried herbs, which unfold their aroma here at a gentle 65 to 70 °C, while hiking. In summer, she prepares a large supply for the winter months so that the herbal sauna lives up to its name even in the cold season.

    ALMSPA Sauna ABC

    Swiss stone pine sauna

    Swiss stone pine, Swiss stone pine and more Swiss stone pine: if the sweet resinous scent of the forest means wellness heaven for you, then you will be floating on cloud nine here. The sauna is decorated from A to Z in Swiss stone pine. Swiss pine shavings and Swiss pine infusion (please help yourself!) do the rest. "The smell of stone pine is brutally intense," Irmi would smile now...

    ALMSPA Sauna ABC

    Brine grotto

    Many people long to take a deep breath. Try it once in the 60 °C brine grotto. The fine, moist salt mist gets deep into your lungs and skin. You get the feeling of breathing more freely and easily. At the same time, you feel more alive and your skin, whose circulation is stimulated, tingles. A different kind of benefit!

    ALMSPA Sauna ABC

    Steam sauna

    Saunaglück beim Wellnessen am Prebersee? Ja, denn wir haben den wahrscheinlich meistfotografierten Bergsee Österreichs in die Dampfsauna geholt. Mit Blick auf das Sehnsuchtsmotiv entspannt es sich doch gleich besser, oder? Eine kleine Auszeit in der Dampfsauna wird dir gefallen, wenn du bei milden 42 °C und hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit regenerieren möchtest.

    ALMSPA Sauna ABC

    Infrared saunas

    We have prepared two infrared saunas for you. One, a textile sauna, is located in the pool area. Here you can soak up the deep warmth while keeping an eye on your children as they splash around. The other is in the sauna world. A particularly atmospheric setting awaits you there. Let yourself be surprised!

    ALMSPA Sauna ABC

    Textile sauna

    Come warm up in the textile sauna after a stroll through the ParadiesGarten, simply in your swimming trunks or swimming costume. Children who like to stay in the water until their lips turn blue also like the heat filling station. Through the panorama glass you have the Pool - and your children - in view.

    ALMSPA Sauna ABC

    Vitamin D filling station

    Oh, if only it were summer again! Do you know how you fall into a real mood slump when you don't get enough daylight? Make yourself comfortable on the vitamin D lounger for about twenty minutes and let the special light boost your vitamin D production. Just relax and go back to the day in a better mood and full of energy, doesn't that sound good?

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