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    Energetic natural cosmetics
    with Phyto5

    To pamper you, we have chosen the Swiss energy cosmetic products from Phyto5. You know how important your holistic well-being is to us at ALMGUT. Phyto5 products are free from animal testing, parabens, genetically modified organisms and animal ingredients. They not only work on your skin and body, but also on an energetic and emotional level! This is a real gamechanger, a quantum leap in cosmetics. Let us briefly explain what the three levels are all about:


    The highly effective, natural ingredients strengthen your skin balance or help to restore it.


    Life is change, and everything interacts with each other. Just as you can observe change in every season, you can perceive changes in yourself within a season, a phase of life, a job, etc., according to Traditional Chinese Medicine in the elements - or perhaps we should say: energies - wood, fire, earth, metal and water . If an energy is disturbed, weakened or not in harmony, acupuncture, massage and aromatic oils can help to bring it back into flow . Phyto5 therefore not only works cosmetically, but treats the problem at its root.


    Does it get any more exciting? Yes! Phyto5 products give you power and give you more vitality and strength . And it goes like this: our life energy, chi, stands and falls with what we feed our body, such as food, air, radiation etc.. There are many things that are of low energy and do us more harm than good, think of chips from the deep fryer versus fresh potatoes from the field. Phyto5 has found a way to incorporate very high life energy (if you want to google: Bovis value) into the care and cosmetic products. So the products literally give you energy, you will feel liberated, calm and well.

    Zen Body Scrub

    A bit like Marie Kondo, freely according to the motto: How proper exfoliation changes your skin! The gentle removal of dead skin cells stimulates the blood circulation. Your skin tightens naturally, you can even feel it! As soft as a baby's belly and as rosy as after a walk through the morning dew. It is always worthwhile, really always worthwhile, to let go of old things that you no longer need ;)
    20 min / € 29,-

    Silhouette" cellulite massage treatment

    Cellulite? Annoying! If only there was a miracle cure ... A balanced diet and good circulation, e.g. with alternating showers, are a start. You can treat yourself to a targeted effect with our treatment with Phyto5 from Switzerland. With special massage techniques, we stimulate lymph and blood circulation and encourage the removal of toxins and excess fluids. After just one appointment you will see results.
    30 min / € 45,-

    ZEN Quantum Energy Body Massage

    Om ... A massage like a meditation. We invite you to surrender under our expert hands and simply be. Before the time comes, you choose the element that will be in the foreground today and that will be allowed to work in you: Wood, fire, earth, metal or water. The matching quantum colour aroma oil from Phyto5 and the fine stimulation of the acupuncture points, reflex zones and muscle meridians bring you energetically into balance and have a balancing effect.
    60 min / € 79,-

    Quantum facial treatment

    The quantum facial treatment gives you visible and tangible results. The skin is plumped up from the inside out. Wrinkles are reduced and your facial contours become softer, firmer and appear younger. Phyto5 also works on all three levels in this treatment: the physical-cosmetic, the energising and the emotional, so that you radiate after this hour and simply feel good. Includes cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, serum, mask and connective tissue massage.
    60 min / € 80,-


    A relaxing fresh treatment with a pleasant freshness experience gives the skin strength and energy.
    Activating massages and effective masks, specially adapted to the skin type, ensure a truly beautiful and comfortable time-out. The gently cleansed skin is supplied with gently activating essences and pampered with a refreshing mask. The complexion appears fresher and more radiant. Ingenious for a short time-out for him and her with an excellent result!
    40 min / € 55,-


    Is your skin more tired than flabby? With this treatment you will enjoy a pleasant freshness kick with a lifting effect. In addition to gentle cleansing, relaxing facial massages and a mask, we use coloured light irradiation. The light vibrations stimulate the cells and stimulate, for example, the production of collagen and elastin and natural repair mechanisms. Your boosted skin is then cared for and you leave for your holiday with a sparkle in your eyes. The products of the Ageless line by Phyto5, all certified organic cosmetics, support you in this beauty ritual.
    60 min / € 80,-

    Short time out natural freshness

    Phew, maybe it was a bit too much sun today ... and the wind has dried out all the moisture depots. Come on, let's get your skin glowing with vitality and energy again! First we'll take a look at your skin type and what would do you good today. And then we'll start with a little massage, during which you're welcome to close your eyes, and a gentle cleansing with peeling. And then it's time for the mask: Off to the mask! The ingenious short skin time for him and her.
    30 min / € 45,-

    Purely a man's business

    The half-hour programme takes care of your wrinkles, intensive moisture and protects your skin from stress and harmful environmental influences. In other words: We massage, cleanse and exfoliate your facial skin and send you to seventh heaven of relaxation under a soothing mask. You'll feel nourished and renewed, invigorated and a bit like you've been reborn.
    30 min / € 45,-


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