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    Full body massage - back & neck, arms & legs

    Do you know what the two best things about a full body massage are? One: that we knead you from top to bottom, as the name suggests. The other: Skiing or biking, you don't need to earn the massage ;) Of course, it's doubly good to relieve tension after a sports session. But it's much nicer to think that you deserve a pampering programme like this at any time, just because!
    50 min / € 68,-

    Partial body massage

    The partial body massage is the little sister of the full body massage, a quickie in just 25 minutes. We concentrate on the part of your body that is currently giving you trouble, your calves after hiking or your back after the journey to ALMGUT. Maybe a partial body massage is the perfect way to start your holiday!
    25 min / € 35,-

    Massage mix

    A dream when wishes come true! Please here a little more, and then please a little further to the right ... Choose from the massage mix whether our expert hands should be devoted to your back or rather your head and shoulders, and enjoy an additional foot reflexology massage in which we release tension indirectly by stimulating selected pressure points.
    50 min / € 72,-

    Sports massage

    What goes together as well as cheese and wine? Sport and massage - in both directions. Either you prepare your body for the upcoming stress with a sports massage, stimulate the blood circulation and thus reduce the risk of injury. Or we loosen up and de-stress your muscular system afterwards. Tip: If you take a sauna session between sport and massage, you'll be as soft as butter under our hands ...
    50 min / € 72,-
    25 min / € 38,-

    Hot Stone Massage

    The hot stone massage is nothing less than a ritual. Allow yourself to slip into a world of healing. Everything that makes you whoop inside comes together here. Expert touches. Comforting warmth. The elemental power of the mountains on your skin. We massage you with warm and cool stones and fragrant oils. Your muscles relax, blood circulation, metabolism and lymph flow shift into the next gear and you become wonderfully tired and heavy ... Please take time to rest, preferably for an hour.
    50 min / € 75,-

    Oil candle massage

    As soft as the wax of the oil candle, you will melt away ;) Admittedly, at first it may sound a little strange to be massaged with liquid wax. But don't worry, the oil-wax mixture is as warm as a baby's bath and smells just the way you choose. Also, choose whether you want to experience a relaxing, balancing or activating oil candle massage ritual. Your wish comes true today.
    50 min / € 75,-

    Honey massage

    Yet another reason to enjoy: Would you have known that a honey bee harvests a teaspoon of honey in its entire working life, in about 35 to 40 days? During the honey massage, accept this incredible gift of nature with all its treasures: the antibacterial and detoxifying effect. With special massage strokes, we encourage the waste products to dissolve and leave your body. At the same time, your skin absorbs the valuable active ingredients from the honey, such as vitamins and trace elements.
    50 min / € 73,-

    Herbal stamp massage

    The herbal stamp massage looks back on Far Eastern roots and combines what probably all people around the world love: Warmth, expert touch and fragrant herbs. You decide which herbal mixture is right for you today, a soothing or a refreshing-stimulating one. We move the herbal bags filled with herbs and warmed in steam along your energy pathways according to the yin-yang principle, sometimes tapping, sometimes intensively stroking. The active ingredients of the herbs unfold, tensions are relieved, your metabolism jubilates and your skin enjoys a peeling effect.
    50 min / € 78,-

    Swiss stone pine massage

    The stone pine is our tree. The ALMGUT is located in the largest contiguous Swiss stone pine forest in Europe, and when Hans prepares his Swiss stone pine schnapps, he feels his rootedness with the UNESCO Biosphere Park Salzburg Lungau in his hands. Get up close and personal with the stone pine and experience it in the truest sense of the word during this pampering massage. We stuff the dried, ground Swiss stone pine needles into linen cloth and warm the stamps in warm oil. In this way, the soothing and cleansing properties of the Swiss stone pine oil unfold. While you relax, you become calmer and stronger.
    50 min / € 80,-


    Host Irmi specialises in this very special application. Under her expert hands, you experience a four-step ritual that touches you not only on a physical but also on a spiritual level. While Irmi massages you and works the oils into the reflex zones of your spine and feet, you experience a journey through the healing world of aromas. A total of eight different oils are used on four levels: balancing stress, strengthening the immune system, reducing inflammatory processes and stimulating a state of balance. Please experience it for yourself and then report back. Isn't touch the most effective way to let go of stress and feel safe again?
    50 min / € 80,-

    Foot reflexology

    A foot reflexology massage, or FRM for short, is like thinking around corners: if you long for relaxation in your shoulders, for example, you can achieve it through a pressure point massage on your feet. Interesting, isn't it? The method, which has its roots in Far Eastern massage traditions, gives you a feeling of well-being, stress relief and deep grounding and understands you holistically.
    25 min / € 33,-


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