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    Infinity Pool

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    Infinitely relaxing: your hotel with infinity pool

    Everyone is looking for peace. Here you will find it

    For three days, our photographer roamed through the stone pine forests. Now you are floating in the indoor pool under the treetops of a Lungau stone pine forest. Clouds drift in the special ceiling installation, the sun wanders, branches sway in the wind, and now and then even a few raindrops fall. You soak up the power of nature, warmly wrapped up, free and light. In the infinity pool outside, when you glide through the glass sliding doors, you bathe in front of a gigantic natural backdrop with a view of the Preber.

    Go with the flow

    Yes to doing nothing

    You may be familiar with the fact that doing nothing is not that easy ... And now we'll tell you that the element of water has to do with the flow of life energy. What does this have to do with rest and relaxation? Our tip: When bathing in the infinity pool or the outdoor whirlpool, imagine that you are immersing yourself in your flow of life energy. Feel whether you can get involved. Are you flowing with it or are you rowing against the current? Are you ready, like water, to change again and again and to shape your path?

    Nature holiday in the mountains

    Spending time in nature

    Your active holiday in the Lungau


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