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    Welcome to ALMGUT.

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    Welcome to the four star superior hotel


    Here at ALMGUT, everything revolves around your holiday. About your time in the mountains. Here on the website you will find everything you need, how big the rooms are, what awaits you during your holiday in the Lungau, in which saunas you can make yourself comfortable and that we curling with you on our pond in winter ... But if you like, just let the facts be facts. Look at the pictures, read some of our stories, listen to yourself. Because one thing is clear: in the end, you make the really important decisions with your gut.

    Your hostess

    Irmi Lüftenegger

    I am a jack of all trades. No matter what I do, it excites me. Sometimes I have to be careful that I don't get bogged down with all the joy. For example, I love to collect herbs and make my own essential oil, and on a full moon night I might walk into the forest at night and serenade Mother Nature. Originally, I learned the profession of an office clerk. But in my heart and in ALMGUT, that's what I am: your hostess.

    Your host

    Hans Lüftenegger

    I was born and grew up here in the village. We were five children and our parents had a farm. My brother runs the farm today and supplies the ALMGUT with beef. Yes, I can say: The Lungau is my life. I only went to hotel management school outside Salzburg. I like to go skiing, right here on the doorstep, and golfing in summer. I show our guests my beautiful homeland while hiking. We toast our return with a homemade Zirben schnapps. Then it's back to the desk for me, because I'm also a numbers person.

    Your host

    Fabian Lüftenegger

    One of my strongest qualities is certainly that I am very inquisitive. I want to learn, understand and improve everything. At the moment, as an example, I am dealing with the subject of wine. A friend and I have gone among the natural wine producers. I am not only interested in the quality of the product, but also in how it was produced and especially how the vineyard was managed. I graduated in tourism in the summer of 2020. One day I would like to return to Lungau and join ALMGUT.

    Your host

    Patrik Lüftenegger

    Perhaps my determination is due to the fact that I am the older of us two brothers. I learned that from my parents. When you are taught to run a business like ALMGUT, at some point you start to question things. I did that in a very practical way: from an early age, I took apart and built everything I could get my hands on, from Lego bricks to remote-controlled vehicles to electronic experiments. Now I'm an expert in process optimisation and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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