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Biosphere reserve Salzburger Lungau

In the middle of the UNESCO Biosphere reserve Salzburger Lungau in Austria

Exactly where three of the most beautiful countries of Austria, named Salzburg , Carinthia and Styria, meet, you will find the sunny plateau of Lungau Plateau .

Before UNESCO had designated Lungau in Austria as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Austria in July 2012 by UNESCO, the UNESCO had already put three typical traditions of Lungau on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Set on UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

  • The famous carrying of the giant Samson, so-called Lungau Samsontragen taking place from May to October
  • The Christmas carol "Silent Night" penned in the village Mariapfarr in Lungau, can be seen all year round in the museum
  • The Vereinigten, one of the oldest guilds of Austria, very active every January

Many awards for cooking, food and produce of the Biosphere Reserve

In the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau regional products, such as the Lungau Eachtling, a famous potatoe of Austria, the delicious Schafaufbratln, a typical meal in the fall made of sheep meat, prepared by innovative chefs ensure pure enjoy.

Homemade Austrian Schnaps made by Alm.Gut

Our homemade Austrian Zirbenschnaps is made by Hans himself. All the way from picking the fruits to bottling. And you will find more Austrian specialties of the Lungau in our restaurant. Finest und freshest produce prepared by our skilled chef Adi will give you the real taste of the Lungau.

Typical Austrian costumes of the Lungau

At our Relax and Vital Hotel Alm.Gut we exhibit the most beautiful traditional Austrian costums of the Lungau in a tiny but exquisite showroom. Take a look at our exhibition of traditional Austrian costumes of the Lungau. As the famous movie „The sound of music“ implies, Austrians like to wear their traditional dresses. So of course, you will find us wearing the traditional costumes.