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Traditional costumes of Austria in the biosphere reserve Lungau

If you are lucky to be at the Vital and Relax Hotel Alm.Gut at the beginning of May, you will see Dirndls in every shape and colour at the festivities around the annual raising of the Maypole. The traditional costumes might be a little different from those of the famous Austrian movie“ The sound of Music” as well as of the fashionable dirndl dresses, but they are still worn in Lungau. We want to show you two of our nicest traditional costumes; Irmi uses to wear at festivities.

Lungau laced-festive costume


3 parts: dress top, dress, and apron to be combined with a blouse

Material body: silk or wool brocade in all colours
Material coat: wool fabric, colour-matched to the body
Material apron: taffeta, silk brocade or hand print on silk


All colours are possible

Decoration and Making:

  • Hand stiched wavy line
  • The stiched motiv can be made of Gold-, Silver-, or multi-color embroidery and in the different kinds of embroidery like Chainstich, Blanketstich or pitch of the reed.
  • The lace fastening should be in Gold or Silver
  • The skirt has stand up pleats

Lungau farmer´s Spencer garment also known as the Black festive costume


Material Kittle and Garner Spencer: mostly fine wool fabric, the Auszier is in pure silk
Material Skirt and bodice cloth: pure silk or half silk in stray or striped pattern, also Schillertaft is suitable.


Today the festive costume is black because it is worn at weddings and other joyous occasions with colourful aprons and breast tissues as well as in bereavement with gold or black embroidered silk or velvet black bodice cloths and silk aprons.

Auszier und Machart

You will soon find out, that Austrian traditional costumes have many styles, according to the village or region they belong to and for the purpose they are worn.

If you like them and if you like Lungau, do not hesitate to get a traditional costume for yourself.