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Lie back and enjoy our therapeutic and recreational baths

There are many different types of hydrotherapy which can be therapeutic and detoxifying, such as hot springs, whirlpools and mineral baths. However, our aromatic baths and herbal baths are one of the most enjoyable methods of therapy and recreation.

Have a relaxing soak
We recommand our special blend of essential rose oil or lavender to soak in a tub of hot natural spring water. Or hop in for a good detoxifying soak. After a hot relaxing bath, enjoy a health or beauty treatment, or relax in special waterbeds or outside in our Spa Garden whilst Alm sunbathing on a real meadow. Our baths are ideal for couples or individuals.

More than skin care and aromatherapy:
Did you know that aromatic baths and herbal baths are traditionally used to help resist cold and flu, to relieve muscular aches, to reverse exhaustion and to treat rheumatism and arthritis?

Honey-Zirben bath


20 min / € 20,-

Mountain herbs bath


20 min / € 16,-

Lavender bath

Lavender is one of the most noastalgic fragrances, bringing scenes of lavender bushes shimmering against the blue sky vividly to the mind. Lavender offers physical and emotional relief  due to its chemical makeup.

20 min / € 20,-

Make your appointment to lie back and enjoy.

Bathing in the heart of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve can be a transforming and enhancing experience.