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Your private mountain lake

Our wellness and spa area provides health and wellness as well as outdoor recreational programs.
But stop by at our unique Alpine Wellness Garden with a heated outdoor pool, a log cabin sauna and hot pot, before you take advantage of many other innovative ways the Vital and Relax Hotel Alm.Gut provides for you well being.

Like a swim in the mountains

We have to admit, please do not expect mountain trout to tinggle your feet, because it's not quite a private mountain lake, but a pool in our Alpine Wellness Garden. But we promise, the refreshing water, clear air and the magnificent views of the majestic mountain range of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburg Lungau are equal to the natural mountain lakes, if not even better: enjoying our private heated mountain pool you can wrap yourself in cozy bathrobes or stop by at the Finnish log cabin Sauna. Comfortable sun decks, showers and the hot pot, a wooden bathtub with hot water, are also waiting for you.

A quick dip at dawn
And before you have breakfast at our delicious breakfast buffet you have a quick dip at dawn in our pool. Listen to the singing of the typical birds. Taste the fresh morning air. All this is part of the unforgettable vacation you are spending with us at the Vital und Relax Hotel Alm.Gut in Austria.