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Austrian recipe for pine cone schnapps Zirbengeist

For the Schnapps „Zirbengeist”, a specialty of the house Alm.Gut, Hans is risking a lot. He gets himself high up on the pines tree to pick only the finest and juiciest pinecones.

Our homemade Schnapps „Zirbengeist” does not just enchant with its fragrance, but also with its taste. It is a real treat, and also medicine for body and mind.

Recipe for pine schnapps

In order to produce one litre of schnapps, three to four freshly picked cones are cut into thin slices and soaked for several weeks, until the macerate (softened extract) containing the essential oils takes on a reddish-dark brown colour

You need three cones per litre. Cut them into 1cm thick slices, and put them in the recipient container. The amount of sugar is a matter of taste, so add sugar, and add Schnapps (either bought or self-made) and close with lid. Let settle for about 5 months in a warm place.

How to strain out the liquid, which is now schnapps? Open and filter the mix through a cloth and pour the pinecone schnapps into bottles. After filtering through a cloth and pour into bottles. The „Zirbengeist“ is now ready to be served, but can be stored for smoother taste.