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Alm.Stubn - the Restaurant

The best place for your wedding reception (and of course to eat): Our Restaurant Alm.Stubn

Whether you are planning a close, intimate gathering, a business conference, an anniversary, renewing old vows, a traditional wedding celebretion or your wedding reception - we have fantastic facilities to perfectly suit your celebration.

Your wedding reception

Your wedding is more than just a setting, it is a place where memories are made. We provide you and your guests with everything to make your wedding reception very special.

The perfect wedding venue in Austria:

It is always an honour for us to see couples slip their partner a first piece of wedding cake and with the lights dimmed, step through their first dance.

This is your moment: Honeymoon

So set your special date and let imagination take over. We will help you create a day that is truly and uniquely yours. And do not forget to ask us about our honeymoon suite.


What ever you want for your big day, we ensure you alway have that personal touch. Our restaurant is renowned for its delicious menu - using only the freshest and finest produce, sourced as local as possible. Teamed with our highly skilled chef Adi we serve you and your guests a meal they won’t forget!

Please do not hesitate to ask our experienced team and we will be more than happy to arrange everything for you.

Buffet in der Alm.Stubn